Massimo Giacon


"Comic art just got serious"


Massimo Giacon was born in Padua, Italy. In 1979 he started publishing comics on a regular basis in the major specialized magazines (Frigidaire, Linus, Alter, Dolce Vita, Cyborg, Nova Express, Blue), soon becoming one of the points of reference for “bizarre” comics. In 1980 he became involved in musical activity, which drove him to create several indie music bands. He has since concentrated on his musical activities as solo artist. In 1981, together with Vittore Baroni and Piermario Ciani he took part in the multimedia network projet TRAX, the forerunner of the future activities of subversive Luther Blisset. Then he began constant artistic-performing activity which led him to a series of exhibition events in Italy, America, Greece, Portugal and Switzerland. In 1985 he took an interest in design and launched into a collaboration with some of the major architecture offices in Milan (Sottsass, Mendini, Thun). He also created designs for the well-known brands such as Memphis, Swatch, Artemide, Alessi. He designed carpets, laminated materials, illustrations for fashion magazines, web sites, fabrics, virtual carachters, TV theme songs, ceramics, and is now working for graphic novels, various editorial projects, musical and commercial videos, new design objects, art exhibitions and music production with his side project Massimo Giacon and the Blass.

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