Art fit for the King of The Jungle

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  • Leo- July 22 to Aug 22
    Ruled and influenced by the sun, those born under the astrological sign of Leo are often attracted by shades of shades of Gold, Burnt Orange and Yellow, as well as purples and mauves. Leo’s are known for their positivity and zest for life, and like to surround themselves with bright, happy themes and vibrant colour spectrums, with their natural creative flair ensuring that their surroundings are never run of the mill or boring. Whilst they are very independent, Leo’s like to be admired and appreciated, and so will ensure their living and working space contains artworks and objects that are bound to grab your attention and elicit a comment.
    Symbolised by the Lion, Leo’s are indeed natural leaders, who energetically preside over their kingdoms. They are drawn to the new and extraordinary, and so will often lead the way when it comes to home interior, and general fashion trends, quickly redecorating and reinventing themselves and their environment in order to keep things fresh and interesting. These “Kings” are certainly seldom prepared to settle for second best, which can in some case lead to overspending as they indulge their passion for change – which is why our selection of affordable, premium quality wall art and clothing prints , are the perfect choice for this majestic star sign.
    We have put together a few of our favourite pieces that are bound to attract those born between July 22nd and August 22nd.

    The Chanel 2 T shirt by artist Mark Ashkenazi makes the perfect fashion statement.

    Born in Israel, Mark exercised his own strength during a three-year spell in the army. He then moved to New York City in his late twenties. There, he found freedom to express himself, and began working as a graphic designer and interior designer professionally. The city’s world-famous cityscape and diverse demographics gave him the opportunity to pursue his passion for photography too. By moving to New York City, Mark joined the myriad of Israelis who have emigrated to the Big Apple to seek new opportunities.

    Create positive vibes with the Happy no034 top, which is part of a collection by Chungkong Art.

    Chungkong is a Netherlands based designer. By day he is a graphic designer creating adverts and brand identities for clients, and by night Chungkong transforms into a poster creating mad man. His fun work stands out for a simple and humorous language, demonstrating great ingenuity and imagination. Chungkong strips the subjects down to their bare bones and brings them to life in vibrant and playful designs, covering a variety of subjects from cult movies, geek art, books and sports.

    Ducati enthusiasts will love this powerful and modern image entitled “Soul”, created by the talented Liang Daniel Peh Kok


    Kok Liang Daniel Peh, born in Singapore, has a degree in industrial design and a diploma in mechanical engineering. His creative experience in R&D engineering design (at Asahi Electronics & Fisher Rosemount), industrial design (at GE/FITCH Singapore & RAZER Asia pacific), graphic design and photography has nurtured his eclectic versatility as a graphic artist and designer.

    “Clockwork Orange” is part of Viktor Hertz’s pictogram collection, which condenses the essence of many of the leading cult films into a two frame image.

    Viktor Hertz was born in Uppsala, Sweden, in 1983. In 2009, he started to do graphic design as a hobby and has been freelancing since 2010. His work is usually inspired by pop-culture, satire and humour, often using visual metaphors and focusing on strong ideas. Viktor has been featured in numerous worldwide exhibitions, magazines and books, and has also had his own work exhibited.

    Marlene Burn’s collages create a bright focal point in any modern interior space. On The Road Again uses a mixture of street sign imagery.

    Artist Marlene Burns plays with colour, edgy design and mixed media to produce art that befits her abstract expressionist process. Her portfolio includes large paintings and photographic compilations. She lives and works in Tucson, Arizona and has exhibited for over 30 years.

    Bright cartoon style images such as  Shopping Spree created by artist Thomas Fedro, help to inject humour onto your walls.

    Tom lives and works in Arlington Hts., IL just outside of Chicago with his son Jordan. He attended Valparaiso University and The Illinois Institute of Art. He has owned several galleries in the Chicagoland area. Currently, he is represented by galleries in the US and Europe and recent special projects include pieces commissioned for the Broadway show “Rent”, NBC television, the 40th anniversary of “The Second City”, Toogood Wineries, Sweet Riot Candy Co. and Chicago’s “Cow’s on Parade”.

    Feel Young and Beautiful by purchasing one of the many prints from The Ads Libitum collection by David Redon, who mixes retro styled adverts with modern day celebrities, resulting in an eclectic mix.

    Artist David Redon is a French Art Director from Marseilles, living in Paris, working in advertising. He obsesses over ads, art, music and vintage stuff, so he decided to mix all this to create “Ads Libitum”.

    Alejandro Alvarez’s animal imagery with its use of startling colours and geographical shapes is sure to attract comment, and this vivid artwork featuring The Lion makes for a great statement piece.


    Alejandro has always loved to draw and studied Visual Communications and Painting. He is passionate about Illustration, and creates complex and intriguing images that play with colour and contrasts, resulting in exciting imagery which delight his many fans and collectors.

    Flying High by Hakan Arblom looks particularly effective as an acrylic print.

    Hakan Arblom is an artist living in Sweden, Stockholm. He has recently picked up an old hobby: painting and illustration and it works quite well for him. He has started to sell some of his artworks, and now, at BeArty, he hopes to reach an even wider audience than before.

    With hundreds of new work appearing daily –  it really is a good time to take a look through the latest artworks and purchase your favourite piece.