Award winning photographic prints by Patryk Kuleta

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  • “Real artists should try everything and not to be afraid of reaching for a whole different medium which could help them mature artistically.” – Patryk Kuleta

    Patryk Kuleta is a very successful artist and we are proud to already feature several of his Ducati paintings on our site. Never a man to be content with just one form of artistic medium, he constantly expands his horizons and is now winning awards for his photographic work and his contemporary take on architecture.

    Pat was born in Poland and brought up in the Kaszuby region, studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz. He later lived for few years in Manchester, England, but has since returned to his native country and now works and lives in Warsaw. In his paintings he is inspired and driven by European expressionists like Egon Schiele, Josef Fenneker, Franc Marc, Francis Bacon and Lyonel Feininger. The bold sometimes harsh but sensitive paint strokes, vivid and dark colours all mixed together give his works a unique appearance, and are very much part of his statement style.
    He also enjoys creating large format pencil drawings inspired by Laurie Lipton, H.R. Giger, Otto Dix, theater and film posters, and also works with his digital camera and iphone.
    There really are very few artistic media that he does not enjoy experimenting with.

    His latest works have been inspired by his interest in the possibilities that new technology has brought to the world of art, and the creative freedom that smart phones have introduced.

    Modern Cathedrals – By Patryk Kuleta

    “Trying to be an artist is hard. It is knowing exactly how coffee tastes at 6 in the morning after 48 hours of continuous work. It’s all about passion.”


    “The Modern Cathedrals series started in summer two years ago but really came to live with my visit in European Parliament in Strasbourg where I was shooting photos as a guest.


    I had always loved impressionism and long exposure technique in photography and I was looking for a way on how could I combine these two things, but instead of using a standard digital camera, I also wished to see how far I could push the limits of smart phone apps.


    I didn’t have my tripod with me, so I just moved my phone camera before the object and noticed that when I changed the values to black and white, the whole feeling of the image changed and suddenly these mystic, dark shapes would appear,almost as though they were almost hand drawn with graphite. That was it!

    I pushed this theme as creatively as I could, mostly shooting in Warsaw and within one year one of these images got third place in the National Sony Photo Awards, followed by the whole series achieving 1st place in the Fine Arts Photography Awards in the architecture category. In the 2016 awards they helped me to win 1st place and enjoy being fully recognised for my work with the ultimate prize of Photographer of the Year in iPhone Photography Awards.”


    Why not view the entire collection of his work and treat yourself to one of these beautiful prints?