Cancer – Art for the sign of the Crab

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  • Cancer- June 21- July 21.

    Ruled over by the Moon, this Zodiac sign is normally associated with soft, nurturing and receptive colours such as shades of whites, Grey, Silver and Cream. Preferring the more subtle colour blends, those born under the zodiac sign of Cancer are likely to avoid clashing colour palettes and instead surround themselves with neutrals and harmonious tones, preferring calming images rather than those which may be overly complex or provocative.

    Their key personality traits of strong intuition, sensitivity, powers of observation and intelligence enable them to create interior surroundings that while carefully thought through, are seldom over contrived and so shine with their honestly and simplicity. Indeed a sense of harmony is truly important to this star sign and as the star sign most often associated with nurturing, they are attracted to images that display love and emotion in a positive way, as well as images reflecting animals and nature.

    We have put together some of our favourite images that are sure to appeal to those born under the sign of the crab.


    Artwork Title: Zebra Drink Water Artist: Diana Cepleanu

    In this peaceful illustration by the talented artist Diana Cepleanu, a little blue bird drinks from the water alongside a zebra. To see a blue coloured bird in a dream is often thought to symbolize positive transcendence over negativity. It represents the power of positive thinking and is also an indication of purification. Outstanding in its detail, this print is sure to make a charming addition to your home or work-space, bringing with it the power of positivity and peace


    Artwork Title: Jazz 2 Artist: Antony Fachin

    Part of the jazz collection by artist Antony Fachin, Jazz 2 evokes memories of late night jamming sessions, in underground, smoky basement bars, with its cool grey and dove blue tones. The solitary player is seen gently caressing his double bass, half finished drink atop the piano, as the late night gives way to the oncoming dawn. A perfect piece for jazz enthusiasts everywhere.


    Artwork Title: Skyline Artist: Serena Zanello

    Italian born and educated artist Serena Zanello used her love of design and architecture to bring passion and stunning design into the motorcycle art genre. While working at a renowned Italian based design firm, Ms. Zanello received praise and accolades for colour and design – specifically as it relates to automotive design. Bringing this same passion and talent to motorcycles, it is easy to appreciate the attention to detail of this artist. In this piece, Ms. Zanello unleashes the Ducati and creates the illusion of flying over the city. Soft in its visual presence, yet strong in design, this piece of art really does fly!


    Artwork Title: Inquisitive Artist: Vance Foulstone

    Enjoy this beautifully detailed pencil drawing taken from a photograph of a cheeky chimp! Vance Fulstone perfectly captures the essence of the animals he draws, creating beautiful artworks that make a great addition to your collection.


    Artwork Title: Newspaper Artist: Dominic Fistarol

    Speed. Design. Power. ‘Newspaper’ literally tells the story of Alfa Romeo’s heritage. Mixing digital influences with sleek typography, Dominic Fistarol captures the emotion of one of the world’s most renowned car manufacturers. A designer, motion designer and director, Dominic is a multitalented artist. Own this premium art print, and add some of Dominic’s unique style to your living space.


    Artwork Title: Watervolantekalimbato Artist: Maurizio Galimberti

    Watervolantekalimbato by Maurizio Galimberti captures the unmistakable essence of Azimut Benetti. Celebrate this leader in superyacht construction with this stunning print. Perfect for maritime enthusiasts, the soft colours work with a variety of room decors.


    Artwork Title: Last Resort Artist: Thomas Fedro

    From the distinctive work of Thomas Fedro comes another comical take on people in “Last Resort.” The emphasis on lips showcases Fedro’s perspective of how beauty is perceived in society. Adding this artwork to your modern-setting room will create depth and meaning, and of course add a touch of humour and style.


    Artwork Title: Desert Coke Artist: Todd Monaghan

    After donating a piece to Emory University’s Schwartz Art Centre (known in many circles as Coca-Cola University because of its long standing relationship with Coca-Cola, artist Todd Monaghan wanted to do something for the business school where he had attended as an undergraduate.  He embarked on his Coca-Cola series working in a thick multilevel style, which uses egg shells, layered canvas and oil on canvas.

    Many years after the original collection was completed and while embarking on his recent black and white series Todd decided he would, once again, revisit the Coca-Cola logo.

    “Desert Coke” looks at the iconic logo in an expansive landscape addressing it in a minimalistic way.


    Artwork Title: Arvore Artist: Susana Matos

    Enjoy the gentle humour displayed in this family tree styled artwork titled “Arvore” by artist Susana Matos. The various family members are dispersed among the leaves of a healthy looking tree, representing the strength of family and familial bonds.


    Artwork Title: White Butterfly – Insects Re-Imagined Artist: Jelena Ristic

    Artist Jelena Ristic’s “Insects Re-imagined” series came about after she decided to explore the world of insects and to endow them with a unique and distinct personality in a surreal way. The small white (Pieris Rapae) is a small- to medium-sized butterfly and is also known as the small cabbage white and in New Zealand, simply as white butterfly. The butterfly can be distinguished by the white colour with small black dots on its wings. It is widespread and populations are found across Europe, North Africa, Asia, and Great Britain. Enjoy this piece as an individual print or hang with the rest of the collection for maximum effect.


    Artwork Title: Still Life With Violin Artist: Janina Grinevich

    “Still life with Violin” is painted in the style of the German masters of neo-romanticism, the signature style of talented artist Janina Grinevich. She injects each of her prices with a nostalgic feel of an old master, by using a dark colour palette, infused with warm undertones, creating beautifully rich artworks that make a statement piece on any wall.