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    May 21-June 20.

    The star sign of Gemini is ruled by Mercury and is associated with shades of Yellow. As the brightest colour that the human eye can see, yellow is often used to represent youth, fun, joy, sunshine, energy and other happy feelings.
    Surrounding yourself with yellow is thought to boost enthusiasm and contribute greater confidence and optimism. In colour psychology, yellow is also known as the colour of communication.

    Those born under the sign of Gemini are often extremely independent and so change and freedom are important to them.  Because they really enjoy communicating, more so then most other astrology signs, they like to leave their mark on everyone they meet, surrounding themselves and those around them with bright positive energy, although they can tend to disperse their energy on so many different tasks and not just focus on one thing, it can result in a trail of unfinished projects. Naturally curious, they always want to know what’s going on in the world around them. They are not one to sit back and watch the world go by, they want to be involved.

    When it comes to home décor, Geminis will be attracted to bright shades, rarely sticking with convention, but instead using objects and artworks to fully express their love of individuality, and are likely to constantly update their interiors, to keep them fresh and exciting.

    Take a look though this month’s selection, featuring wall art prints and clothing that are sure to appeal to the Gemini star sign.
    Kelly’s Heroes – Oddball Says, by Dan Avenell
    Perfectly summing up the Gemini approach to life this poster features Donald Sutherland as Oddball, the legendary hippy tank commander from the 1970 cult war movie, Kelly’s Heroes .”I only ride ’em, I don’t know what makes ’em work.”

    Flying High by Hakan Arblom
    Capturing the freedom and thrill of skateboarding, this colourful piece by artist Hakan Arblom makes a cheerful addition to any wall.
    Panigale Rainbow by Liang Daniel Peh Kok
    Forming part of the Officially licensed Ducati Art Collection, the speed, riding position and lean angle have been frozen in time and put to canvas – all without losing the sensation of what riding and taking a high speed corner like a Pro feels like. The bold and stunning array of colours, the smooth lines and artistic techniques employed by artist Daniel Peh capture the pure joy that only the Ducati Panigale gives the rider. Bring this and the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow into your home
    60’s Pierre Cardin by Yukako Tanaka
    Add a dash of humour and style to your t-shirt collection with this 1960’s inspired print. Available in both Men’s and Women’s fitted fashion items, this is sure to accent your individuality.

    The Owl by Alejandro Alvarez
    Part of Alejandro Alvarez’s vibrant and colorful animal collection, The Owl is produced using a technique called Aquarelle, where a printed picture has been colored manually by applying watercolor through stencils, each color requiring a different stencil. The addition of vibrantly coloured digital splashes in a mixture of traditional and digital colors create a stunningly intricate and visually outstanding piece of art. Simply stunning as an individual artwork, or group a few together to create maximum impact.

    Pulp Fiction 2F by Viktor Hertz
    Part of a series of film strips created by artist Viktor Hertz, and available in both Men’s and Women’s fitted fashion items as well as wall art prints. The Two-Frame Pictogram Movie collection concept was devised to depict and summarize movies in only two frames, visualizing the changes the characters go through.

    Transparency by Stefano Videtta
    Purchase Stefano Videtta’s Transparency to add a completely fresh sense of style to your home. As a creative think tank for the automotive industry, Rinspeed are behind some of the most innovative car concepts ever created. Own this piece, and add a sense of style that can only come from this unique brand.

    Miles Davis Bebop by David Glover
    Jazz fans get a tingle whenever they see the iconic figure of Miles Davis blowing away at his trumpet. In this rightly coloured artwork, artist David Glover illustrates Miles Davis in a recording studio and you can see the focus on Davis’s face as he controls the flow of the beautiful music he created.

    Ko San Road Bangkok Thailand by Carron Williams
    Carron Williams free spirit is reflected in the freedom of her paintings, which are characterised by the use of bold colours, within heavy black outlines. Her collection was built up during her travels and capture the spirit of these far flung lands. Certain to being a bright splash of colour to your walls, her works look great individually and when grouped together make for an eye catching display.

    Quote 1 by Helen Savva
    Helen Savva is a self-taught illustrator who after studying Interior design found that her true passion lay in creating unique art. She produces artwork mainly on the female figure and presence.
    Her artwork is fully digitally generated. No pencils, paper, brushes or paints, just a free flowing imaginative and creative mind. Quote 1 is available in both Men’s and Women’s fitted fashion items as well as a wall art print.