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  • This month it’s all about the Zodiac sign of Libra so we have pulled together our top ten picks which have been specially selected to appeal to those born under this star sign.

    As a Libra, you can normally be found at the centre of a group, captivating those around you with your natural empathy, although often you are at your happiest when you can sit back and watch that group take on all the hard work while you enjoy the benefits. You certainly enjoy being surrounded by the finer things in life and enjoy nice décor and art, but you may need to work hard on curbing your natural magpie tendencies or this may result in you ending up in a messy cluttered environment.

    Libras love variety and are also very intelligent, and these two traits mean that you are naturally creative, and enjoy changing and updating your surrounding and your love of luxury sees you striving to surround yourself with beautiful things.

    Libra’s associated colours are all about balance, connection and harmony, and include soft pastel shades such as pistachio, pale aqua, peach, baby blue, pink and lavender.

    We hope you enjoy looking through the 10 pieces chosen to reflect your star sign.

    Enjoy the peaceful and Mysterious Ponta Piedade in the Algrave by artist Luís Gonçalves  – the soft tones and still waters create a harmonious vibe.


    Gonçalves was born in Santarém, Portugal and studied civil engineering and topography. Presently living in Lisbon he likes to wander amongst its squares and streets at different hours of the day, inspired by the differing luminosity of the city. He is currently studying with a well-known art-master , named ‘Melicio’, and is exhibiting his work in both Lisbon and the Algarve region.

    Take a look at Klausen Bugatti by artist Andrew McGeachy – a perfect piece for classic car enthusiasts.


    A native of the UK, Andrew was drawn to the beauty and inspiration he found in Switzerland, where he has lived for the past 24 years. History and treasured items from the past have strongly influenced Andrew’s art, especially Grand Prix cars from the 1930’s and endurance racers from the 1950’s.   His artwork captures the natural motion and emotion of the moment.

    Lose yourself in the powerfully protective imagery of The Visitor by Ayumi Takahashi


    Ayumi Takahashi was born in Yokohama (Japan) and specialises in using wood cut techniques to create her beautiful and often surreal artwork.  She has exhibited widely within Japan and is the holder of many artistic awards for her work.

    Select from one of our many Music themed art pieces such as Vintage Beatles by Monica Suarez.


    Monica Suarez explores the inner world of human beings, perception and the joy of beauty and music (in recent years she has explored a musical universe in her paintings, including portraits of her favourite artists using figurative and abstract work). For her, paint is a spiritual work, reaching into the artist’s inner need to connect form and color with the universe at large.

    Or be inspired by the fabulously minimalist lines in Jazz Band by Pablo Franchi


    Pablo Franchi was born in 1965 in Buenos Aires. He is an Architect, writer, music, cars and motorcycles lover who specialises in creating original drawings in an original style.

    Delight in this image of luxury brand Alinghi in Open Sea by Sena


    Lausannois painter, Sena, evolves  his creations by working on with oil on canvas, and combining diverse techniques, maintaining a taste for elaborate formal composition.

    Get close to nature with the intricate 4 part Vogue Japan Botanical Collection by Mira Nameth


    Mira Nameth has a wealth of experience from working as an Art Director, Creative Director and Illustrator in Stockholm, New York and London. She is an award winning Illustrator and Creative Director with clients that include Crabtree&Evelyn, Coca-Cola, Vogue Japan and other established brands.

    Enjoy a taste of Nostalgia with Bergner Beachy by Janett Bergner


    Janett Bergner was born in Chemnitz (Karl-Marx-Stadt) and is an art graduate from Dessau University.

    Bask in the quintessential charm of the Terrace At Boezio Street by Diana Cepleanu


    Romanian artist Diana Cepleanu was born in Bucharest, Romania and graduated from The Arts University of Bucharest. She has been working as a professional Illustrator since 2009 and is the holder of several prestigious awards for her work.

    Or lose your heart to Ducati with the Heart by Luca Imerito


    Luca Imerito graduated in experimental Art and Design and after having followed post graduate courses in computer graphics and computer aided design he now devotes himself to digital art, video graphics as well as corporate design and advertising for luxury brands. Mechanical watches are his passion as well as vintage cars. For him art and mechanical instruments posses one and the same language: emotion in precision and rigorous expression.