Taurus – Art for the sign of the bull.

  • Art
  • April 20th – May 20th.

    Taurus is first among the three Earth Signs, and surprisingly is ruled by the feminine Venus, meaning that the colours most strongly associated with the sign of the bull, are in fact pastel tones, pinks and peaches as well as green, which connects them to nature and the earth. Taurus are not fond of change. Preferring safety and security, they like the familiar and routine comfort of life, so are not ones to frequently change and update their wardrobe or interior décor. They are attracted to possessions and are responsive to their surroundings, so once they have found the perfect piece they like to proudly display it. As a sign, Taurus are generally down to earth, are not attracted to gaudy, flashy or over the top things, they are often the last to adopt to the latest trends, opting instead for tried and tested colour mixes, and they insist on high quality pieces that will stand the test of time. They have a deep seated connection with the past and often are attracted to a vintage/retro design style.We have pulled together a few of our favourite pieces which are certain to appeal to those born under the sign of the bull, and would make for perfect gifts for friends and family.

    Our latest range of art inspired T-Shirts, Hoodies and Sweatshirts offers you the chance to find some unique, fully machine washable, fashion products at really great prices.

    evolveCreative Director and graphic designer, Nukhet Çetin does a marvellous job of playing on the words “evolve” and “love” to show how both are interconnected. With evolution comes a continuous new understanding of what love means, and love itself can be seen as a continuation of evolution. Available in both Men’s and Women’s fitted fashion items, this is the perfect way to show the Taurean in your life how much you care.

    city-rootsArtist Anna Slavkova describes herself as having been diagnosed with an incurable sense of humour and laughs all the time – saying that this is how she attracts the loved ones and not-so-loved ones around her….She loves coffee… Irish coffee to be precise, and she hates umbrellas because they obstruct the view (of her)!… She paints… while working… in order to find an excuse not to work! In this image the  buildings and roads are depicted as lines with green balls at the end of each road. The simple message that is shared by the artist is that the people living in these homes all have a path to travel on in order to reach their desired destination. City Roots is available across the fashion range for both men and women.

    gossip-girlGossip Girl is an American teen drama television series, which revolves around the fictional lives of upper-class adolescents living in Manhattan’s Upper East Side. This image is created in a minimalist way, using a single symbolic characteristic in order to capture the essence of the show. The artist, Marisa Passos, is an independent graphic designer focused on multiple disciplines including branding/identity, communication design and editorial design with office based in Braga, Portugal.

    For ideas for homes, offices and workplaces, take a look at the range of premium posters, ready to hang canvas prints, fine art prints, and acrylic and Di-bond prints, all created by our global team of artist and designers.

    If you are searching for something a little unusual/ retro or vintage inspired, then take a look at the following collections.


    The pink soft tones used by artist Jenny Yu, make a perfect backdrop to illustrate the runway designs of fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto. Available as individual pieces, or purchase together for a charming collection. Jenny Yu is a 3rd year illustration student and freelance illustrator from California State University, Long Beach. Her main focus is in creating narrative and design art. She also works for Mochi Magazine.


    For retro art with a twist you simply have to choose from The Dame et Chevelures collection by artist Juan Cris, which was created from a passion for hair and hairstyle as an art itself.. Set against a background of soft pastel pinks, the stunning photography harks back to a bygone age, and each of the artworks look simply wonderful either hung as an individual piece or grouped together for maximum impact. With 7 different images to select from you can be sure of creating an eye catching display. Look out for the touches of humour, as the outrageous hairstyles are brought to life with their own inherent personality.


    Artist David Redon is a French Art Director from Marseilles, living in Paris, working in advertising. He obsesses over ads, art, music and vintage stuff, so he decided to mix all this to create “Ads Libitum”, which incorporates modern day celebrities from the world of popular entertainment, transposed with retro American advertisements. We have over 30 different designs to choose from.