Virgo – Art for the Organised

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  • Virgo- Aug 23-Sept 22.
    Virgo, like Gemini, is ruled by Mercury. It is associated with the Earth element and earthy hues such as greens, tans, ochre, cornfield, and caramel. Virgo’s are also attracted to blue tones which are associated with their birthstone of the blue sapphire.

    Virgo is a very independent, and intelligent zodiac sign, but their tendency towards carefulness sometimes impacts on their ability to be creative and so they tend not to be trendsetters, and more often express themselves in a quite conservative manner. When it comes to home décor they are likely to opt for more traditional pieces or adopt schemes which are already tried and tested.
    Virgo’s are known for their loyalty so once they have selected an artwork they are unlikely to update it for many years – they are careful researchers and analysts so will not have made their selection impulsively, and they will certainly have satisfied themselves as to the value and quality of any piece.

    Born to be natural organisers, they like an orderly and structured environment, so they will often buy prints that are of a similar style and work together, blending themes and colours, so as to create natural balance and harmony.

    Many Virgos have an ability to probe into a person’s emotions, often seeing deep into people’s minds and hearts, which often manifests itself into a connection with spirituality, religion and the occult so they may well be attracted to art that appeals to the senses on more than one level or connects to emotional intelligence.

    We have selected a few of our favourite pieces that are sure to appeal to this most organised of star signs.

    Artist Sila Guven uses photoshop to turn her imaginative instincts into uniquely beautiful pieces of art. “Nature of Mind” was created to represent the patterns and complexities contained within the human mind. The soft brown hues used are indicative of our natural surroundings, and connections to earth, while the geometric shapings which are overlaid across a an old map, tie into the modern theory of how memories are contained – known as “Mind Mapping.” Peaceful tones, thoughtful composition and overall intriguing, this piece is sure to bring years of pleasure.

    The power of music to tap into our deepest emotions is well known and “Tears in F” by artist Bojana Randall presents the musical clef at the centre of the piece, dominating the foreground, whilst a shadowy human shape is just visible in the background, the strings of the instrument almost forming a barrier or cage. The muted tonal values and soft brush strokes work well in most room settings, whilst expressing the notion that through musical melodies, we will all experience release from our constraints.

    Artist Pablo Franchi has created a collection of some of the finest examples of motorcycle models from across the historical landscape. Covering a wide variety of brands and models, each piece in this collection looks wonderful either hung individually or grouped together for maximum impact.

    Open Sea II Alinghi” by Sena forms part of our Alinghi Collection, which brings to life the magic of this world famous yacht racing team. Each of the pieces speaks of the passion, award-winning pedigree and impressive heritage of this celebrated team. Chose from one of the many pieces or select several to hang together in a group.

    A bear comprised of a map of the area around Berlin, Germany – “Bearlin”– Genius! Brazilian artist Tobe Fonseca creates stunning imagery that look good in any room setting.

    Michael Newcomb’s flair for dramatically powerful lighting and split second photographic skills, combine to produce this evocative image of a young girl joyfully expressing herself through the medium of dance. Capturing the swirl of joyous movement and freedom, the stunning “Flower in Motion” with its fairy like quality, will create an enchanting focal point in any room setting.

    Gabriela Butti loves to combine and contrast styles within her artwork and here she uses the iconic simplistic imagery of the smiley as the center piece of this serenely calm and contemplative piece – “The Inner Smile”. Injecting a zing of colour to any room, the fresh yellow tones form an attractive contrast against the cooler blues and greys.

    Artist Bob Craig masterfully uses fabric to depict a “City Reflected”. The image is filled with bright lights, tall skyscrapers and a lot of energy. Equally impressive is the way he makes all of the fabric “reflect” on the depicted body of water below making this artwork an overall masterpiece.

    “Modern Still Life” is part of a series of semi-abstract still life paintings by talented artist Lutz Baar. The German born Swedish painter specialities in applying acrylic onto canvas, with subject matters ranging across still life, food art, seascapes, sailboats, and cityscapes.