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How to Hang Your Art

You’ve received your parcel and excitedly unpacked your box, but you may well be wondering the best way to display your new art. We’ve lined up a whole host of tips and ideas to inspire you and help you to make the most of your new artwork.

While it is worth bearing in mind that art galleries tend to hang their art at an average eye level, lining up the centre of the image to about 60 inches above ground level, windows, doors and existing picture rails can also influence the positioning, as it can often be more aesthetically pleasing to match where you hang your prints to the features that already exist in a room.

Whatever you decide, your art and the environment you choose to hang it in are as individual as you are, so unleash your inner creativity and beautify your surroundings with stunning art displays.

Simple Row
An ideal solution to picture hanging – especially if you have a selection of pictures that are different sizes. Hanging a row of identically shaped images creates a structured and orderly display.
  • You can choose to line up the top, middle or bottom of the pictures – the choice is yours.
Group in a Grid
If your pictures are the same size then a grid formation is great way to display them together.
  • Imagine them as one large picture and make sure you line them up accurately – a spirit level will help you get it right, and don’t forget to keep the spaces between the pictures consistent. We recommend a gap of 3 inches between larger pictures and 2 inches if they’re smaller.
  • Another great tip to help you get those displays perfectly aligned is to loop a thread at one end and secure a weight to the other end. Once you have attached the top row of hooks or nails to the wall, hang the thread on it. This then gives you a straight line and ensures that you align the lower rows exactly in line with those above.
  • Use the same method if you are hanging a pair of artworks, either one above the other or side by side
Salon grouping creates a jigsaw effect and is a great way to display as many pieces together as possible and a perfect solution to filling any awkwardly shaped wall spaces.
  • Always begin in the middle and work outwards. That way you begin with what you have, and you can easily add to your collection without continually having to re-design your gallery wall.
  • A good tip is to arrange your images on the floor before you mount them to the wall. That way you can make sure that you are totally happy with your layout long before you put any nails into the wall.
  • Use your imagination and don’t be afraid to experiment. Try different combinations of textures, framed/unframed, prints and dimensions to create your perfect display.
  • And above all, don’t worry about traditional aesthetics or conventions. Art is all about expressing your style so let out your imagination run wild and create a truly individual display.
Loose Grid
Sitting somewhere between strict symmetry and freeform hanging, a loose grid can give a selection of differently-sized prints the appearance of structure, and uses the edge of the prints to form your lie of symmetry.
Similar to Salon Grouping, you can create a collage of images by hanging your images in matching frames and in close proximity.
  • For the most effective result it is best to select prints which feature common qualities, colors, typographies or subject matter.
Room Setting & Alternative Hangers
Of course every space has its own function – so do adjust your decisions based on the area you are choosing to display your artworks.Think about what furniture may be underneath so that you’re not creating an awkward large gap between the art and the sideboard. Of course you don’t need to restrict your displays to standard frames – there are plenty of alternative ways to show off your collection. String a wire across your wall and use washing pegs or clamps, display your art on Retro clipboards, or use clothes hangers. High quality masking tapes like Washi Tape can be used to create a frame directly on your wall surface and can be easily removed without a trace. Adding little flourishes such as ribbons and hanging wire will add extra character to hanging art and give it more of a traditional look
Wherever and however you hang your art, we do hope that you will enjoy it for many years to come.

The BeArty Team

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